Wealth 4 All

Is wealth for all possible: Yes!

Let's close the gap between the rich and the poor now!

The causes why there are rich and poor presently:
1st The present systems
The present financial system is for the benefit of the rich only to get even more richer and powerful.
It does not include a free basic income for all, the main cause of poverty is lack of money.
2nd The elite who owns most of the money, it is even able to create its own money, are evil people. They create wars at their will and do other evil things.
3rd Lack of information what is our goal on earth. No, it is not self-enrichment, greed and profit - check out Life Credo.
4th The people don't organize themselves, they let it happen that the large masses of people are under the thump of a few super-rich.
5th We empower persons even by birth-right to take force on us but we are all equal.

So, let's get organized for an economic, political and spiritual change to save our earth and its inhabitants.
Just follow the links above and participate, thanks!

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